Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Currently alive and also very late with this

I know, I know. I've been gone for a month! November was kind of crazy for me. My fairly new Macbook Pro's hard drive crashed on me in the middle of November and with it, my muse for creating anything new. I've been struggling to make anything and only created a few pages of a no prep packet, so I ended up taking a break after trying and trying and have been relying on resources I bought. Anyways, I figured I'd do an update and although I'm a week late, I thought I'd link up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade and do my December currently's. Better late then ever!

Listening to: I love James Morrison so much. His voice is like honey to me, but as always, I get into these moods when I listen to music and will get hooked on one thing and listen to it until I'm sick of it. Before this, I was listening to Maroon 5 and Daft Punk's newest CD and now, I'm listening to my James Morrison mix on Pandora. It's pretty amazing.

Loving: My biggest news lately is that I just bought a baby teddy black hamster, also known as a short-haired Syrian hamster. I bought Bucky on Saturday from Petsmart and he is just the sweetest thing to have happened to me. Preparing for him and taking care of him have been my greatest joy and I'm always thinking about him now. I'm a proud mummy of one darn cute hamster!

Thinking: Man, oh man, have I been burning cash like a billionaire... except I'm not one :( my credit card debt keeps growing and with that my anxiety, so it's pretty much all I think about now. That and Bucky, who keeps me sane through all of this. 

Wanting: I so desperately wish I had my muse back. I've only made a few pages out of my "Tis the Season for No Prep" packet I started a month ago, and I just can't seem to find the inspiration anywhere. With my hard drive crashing, I just feel like doing nothing. I didn't lose everything when it crashed, thank god, but I definitely lost my inspiration. Please, please come back soon. I miss you.

Needing: This one's an obvious one. I need to blog more and talk about what's been going on in my classroom. Things have been great, but I just haven't gotten around to blogging about any of it. I'll try to remedy that this winter.

Giving: So, I think I did this one kind of wrong, but I've been trying to give my family more of my time. I don't live far from my mom and grandparents, but I don't go home for a few reasons I don't really wish to talk about. Either way, with the holidays around the corner, I'm trying to be better about going home and spending time with them. No matter what our differences are, I should still give some effort. 

And now, since I think I did this part wrong, I'll also be giving a sample of my no prep packet as a freebie very soon, so stay tuned! Until then..



  1. Maybe you'll get your muse back over Christmas break if you can get out from under school-day stress and get plenty of rest! :-)

  2. Hannah your blog is adorable...so glad I found you. I love the colors!
    Teaching and Much Moore